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Written translations of documents and other texts

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„ABICOM PRO tulkojumi” offers

 written translations from/to different languages;

 translations with certificate of acknowledgment (acknowledgment of the signature of the translator or that of the responsible person of the company at the translation with the signature and seal of the notary);

 translations acknowledged by the signature of the translator;

 interpretation on certain occasions and to/from certain languages.

About us

Tulkošanas pakalpojumi, tulks, tulki, tulkojums - Abicom Pro Tulkojumi, SIA

„ABICOM PRO tulkojumi” Ltd. is established on January 10, 2012

„ABICOM PRO tulkojumi” Ltd. is established on January 10, 2012, when it separated from „ABICOM PRO” Ltd. which was active in translations since 2003. Legal and actual address: Dzirciema street 1-18, Riga, LV-1083, Latvia. Member of the Board and the owner is Ms. Maija Merai. The company has tax-payer status of micro-enterprise.

Tulkošanas pakalpojumi - tulkojumus izpilda diplomēti tulkotāji - Abicom Pro Tulkojumi, SIA

Means of communication is predominantly via internet and over the phone, however other options are available

Regulatory capital is local, without any support of European funds or foreign investors. Means of communication is predominantly via internet and over the phone, however other options are available. Our translators are either licenced or having extensive experience in the given field. We approach each request/order individually to better suit particular needs of every client and assign to each task more than one person having profound knowledge of the subject matter; all translations are revised.

Tulkošanas pakalpojumi - tulkojumu veic tulkotājs, kam mērķa valoda ir dzimtā - Abicom Pro Tulkojumi, SIA

Usually, translation is done by a translator for whom the target language is native.

We have good co-operation with both local and foreign partners. Usually, translation is done by a translator for whom the target language is native.

Our local clients:

Our translation agency has over the years gained the trust of many customers, which has resulted in long-term cooperation

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Translation service prices

The text to be translated can be submitted in person, by e-mail and by fax.

The output formats available for translations are those of WORD, EXCEL and PowerPoint. Figures, drawings and diagrams could be inserted, and tables made in the translation at extra cost. Translations can be received by e-mail or in person, as agreed. Basic price of translation is calculated on the basis of number of characters. Standard page is 1800 characters with spaces which visually is less than one A4 page. Optionally, the price can be agreed on the basis of number of words, or the whole of the order. Minimum price is as for one standard page of 1800 characters with spaces.We suggest not to forget to ascertain, before ordering a translation to be submitted abroad, whether apostille (legalisation of the document) is necessary. Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in charge of legalisation of the documents: https://www.mfa.gov.lv/konsulara-informacija/dokumentu-apliecinasana-ar-apostille-un-legalizacija, mfa.cdep@mfa.gov.lv, for enquiries call 80005905. We offer also filling-in of forms or questionnaires, interpretation over the phone for the language pair German-Latvian. Price for interpretation is based on hours, or subject to separate agreement. Confidentiality is guaranteed, and „ABICOM PRO tulkojumi” does not disclose information concerning provided translations to the exemption of cases laid down in the legislation of Latvia.

Texts or documents acknowledged by a notary

It often happens that legal acknowledgement is necessary for a document or translation, especially when they are to be submitted to courts and educational establishments in Latvia or abroad. The translator undertakes responsibility for correctness of the translation. Acknowledgment by a notary concerns the document itself, that is the date, signature and stamp/seal of the document. In order to submit documents to a notary for the acknowledgment of the signature of the translator, they have to be prepared accordingly. In case the document contains more than one page, they have to be stitched together and arranged as laid down by the national legislation of Latvia. According to Article 75 of the Notariate Law of February 1, 2008, when verifying identity of a person, a notary must look up the Registry of Inhabitants (database “Personal data overview”) to make sure that it is really a translator personally known by the given notary. The fee for this service is included in that of a notary. The translation can be stitched together with the original document or with the acknowledged copy of the document. Generally, translations are stitched to the copy when stitching to the original is not possible, or when the client needs the original being separate

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SIA "ABICOM PRO tulkojumi"

Adres: Dzirciema 1-18, Rīga, LV-1083

Phone / Fax: +371 67278272

Mob. phone: +371 26470878

E-mail: maija.merai@gmail.com

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